Beer is Good. Beer in Ball Cans is Even Better.

The history of canned beer dates back to 1935, a time during which access to that first sip required the puncture of the can end using a church-key style opener. Fast-forward several decades, and while the beer can has made some significant advances since its orgins, the fundamentals that made it such a celebrated container amongst the beer communities of yesteryears continue to be a compelling driver for brands today.

Why Choose Ball Cans for Your Beer:

  • Cans are impenetrable to light. No risk of light turning the beer skunky and undrinkable.
  • Cools down faster than any other beverage container resulting in fresher, better tasting beer.
  • Cans are portable, whether a single-serve or a multi-pack - they can go anywhere your customer does.
  • Cans are airtight and oxygen-free. Oxygen can leach into a bottled beer under the bottle cap and affect the taste, which could potentially destroy the beer.

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