A Magical Drinks Experience.

Strawster is a modern gadget available exclusively in Ball’s 25cl slim can. The technology, which features a self-activated straw that ‘magically’ appears once the tab of the can is engaged, provides a touch of ‘WOW’ to the overall drinks experience. To further advance its appeal, straws can be lasered with logos, simple images or messages. Due to its spill-proof technology, Strawster stands as the ideal solution for on-the-go refreshment.

Product Benefits

At First Glance
  • Modern / inventive new gadget
  • Conversation starter / “wow“-effect
  • New and unexpected interaction with the brand
Intuitive Usage
  • Elevates the on-the-go drinks experience
  • Comfortable: No need to tilt the head back
Customizable Straw
  • Brand names, logos and promotional codes can be lasered onto the straw
  • Access to beverage until the last drop
  • Less chance of spillage
Health & Safety
  • Straw untouched inside can
  • Less chance of objects getting inside can thanks to small opening
  • Better control over beverage consumption

Technical Specifications

Material: Aluminum with plastic device Size: 25cl Slim
No impact on filling equipment