Interactive Packaging

A can in one hand and a smartphone or tablet in the other – the use of digital technology like the Quick Response Code (QR code) and Augmented Reality is taking communication to the next level. Through the use of special marks and technology, unique promotions and secret messages can now be embedded into the can to further the value to consumers when engaging with your brand.

QR codes

  • Quick and easy: the smartphone only needs a QR code reader (free download in any app store) to be able to scan a QR code on the can
  • Boost image: combine the QR code with promotion raffles and coded tabs to ensure that the consumers link the taste experience with the winning feeling!
  • Purchase intention: immediate information and interaction have a positive impact on the purchase decision
  • Numerous communication ways: the QR code can trigger a multitude of applications, such as websites, video clips or written information
  • Standardization: increasingly utilized by people in all branches of the industry for rapid interaction – producers, retailers, consumers
Technical Specifications
  • Sizes and color contrast are defined in the relevant graphics guidelines

Augmented Reality - Entry into Another World

Packaging is about the people who use it. Turn your beverage can into a medium and use it to trigger a mobile, augmented reality experience. Pioneering the use of augmented reality (AR) in metal packaging, Ball developed a unique solution to customize packaging without making visible design changes. Any logo or other ‘on can’ object can trigger the virtual world. With the help of AR, virtual objects, premises or effects can be inserted into the consumer’s live environment - extending reality into another dimension. This effect creates a unique emotional consumer experience while helping to enhance brand loyalty.
Product Benefits
  • Foster Sales: motivate consumers to pick up your product. Once they hold it in their hand, 9 out of 10 consumers are more likely to buy your product
  • Activate Facebook Fans: build a bridge between the on and offline worlds. How? Check out our case studies on the right hand side
  • Boost image and activate the press: shine with innovative promotions that generate word of mouth and great PR
  • Save Costs: one design can trigger multiple customized campaigns
  • Undertake Consumer Research: use the touch points as an opportunity to perform research.
Technical Specifications/AR advice
  • This technology is fun, but complex: use the space your beverage can physically offers to guide the consumer
  • The consumer can’t guess AR capabilities – use the AR symbol and incentivise whenever possible
  • The possibilities with AR are endless, but the simpler you make your case, the more consumers will enjoy it
  • Can be used for all can sizes and materials
  • Ball assists set-up with training and practical on-product communication guidelines

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