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Quick test and test filling

The laboratory team provides a range of test and analysis methods, including for the development of new drinks. A unique test that can provide reliable information on the expected shelf life of new beverages in only a few weeks is just one of the innovations developed in the Business Center Europe. We also have a test canning line to simulate production conditions as realistically as possible.
Lab Service

Laboratory Service

The Business Center Europe in Bonn, Germany, is home to Ball’s research and development center, where Ball continuously develops innovations for beverage cans and explores ways to reduce the environmental footprint of beverage cans. Our R&D facilities include a state of the art laboratory. About XX highly qualified staff, including physicists, chemists, engineers, food and beverage technologists, offer a wide range of services: from technical assistance to comprehensive customer service in the form of laboratory testing and continuous research and development.

And cans are far from exhausting their development potential. Innovations regarding the appearance of the can, ease of use, quality and other innovations add value for consumers and trade customers and are notable in opening up new market segments for the beverage can in the years ahead. Examples from the past include the Ball Resealable End, new can formats and effect coatings.

Work also continues on improving the environmental footprint of beverage cans by reducing the quantity of metal needed per unit while retaining the characteristics of the can.

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