Thermochromic Reveal

Communicating chilled refreshment

Unveil hidden messages or codes with multi-stage ink activation.


Why use this effect?

  • Specialty ink that brings a new level of customer interaction to packaging
  • Packaging reveals hidden messages in two stages
  • A dynamic addition to existing products or a great way to differentiate new products
  • Enables products to stand out in the fridge and during consumption

Important things to know

  • Thermochromic Reveal inks are printing inks which change their color when the can gets cold (stage 1) and again during consumption (stage 2)
  • It provides a visual temperature indicator to indicate when the beverage inside the can is chilled to a designated temperature
  • Ink performance begins to deteriorate when exposed in direct sunlight for 6 hours
  • The Thermochromic Reveal ink is available on all can sizes  
Thermochromic Reveal Image

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