Celebrate the sun

Photochromic inks change color as soon as the can is taken outside and exposed to natural sunlight.

Why use this effect?

  • The colors come to life when outside
  • Packaging can reveal messages when exposed to the sun
  • Great for communicating outdoor living and healthy lifestyle values
  • Ideal for differentiated and interactive consumer experience at festivals and similar occasions  

Important things to know

  • Photochromic describes the reaction of this ink when exposed to sunlight. Indoors, the ink is protected from UV rays by the window glass and appears almost as a pearlescent white color. When taken outdoors, the ink reacts with UV rays and by magic it shows up in different colors.
  • Photochromic ink is worth considering for brands consumed mainly outdiirs, in parks, at festivals or outdoor sporting events
  • Photochromic inks are available in a limited number of colors. Pearlescent white to color available. It is not possible to match an exact Pantone color*
  • The Photochromic ink is available on all can sizes


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