Neon Ink

Illuminate your design

Inks that light up under UV lighting, making them particularly suitable for nightclubs and bars.


Why use this effect?

  • Ideal for a differentiated drinking experience within the occasion
  • Great for supporting fun and social brand values
  • Perfect effect to increase brand appeal and recall
  • Brands cannot be missed in stylish bars and nightclubs

Important things to know

  • The Neon effect makes designs shine when exposed to UV or black light
  • Neon inks are available in a limited number of colors including a transparent UV ink which is invisible under normal daylight. It only lights up under black light. It is not possible to match an exact Pantone color*
  • Neon inks can be combined with any standard colors
  • The Neon effect is avilable on all can sizes

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Neon can image

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