Dynamark® Series Takes Product Personalization to the Next Level.

Dynamark® is a printing technology that addresses the megatrend of individualization. This finishing solution easily integrates up to 24 different designs into existing print processes for all sizes of steel and aluminum cans and bottles, allowing customers to develop and deliver special promotions with greater ease.

Why use this effect?

Variety in packaging has numerous consumer engagement applications that can driveinitial and repeat purchase.
  • Offer a limited edition pack to draw attention to cans on the shelf or in the cooler
  • Create a collectable opportunity enhancing brand loyalty
  • Say more in one package with variable images or messages  
  • Help drive social engagement campaigns with vairable messages or hashtags
  • Add new ways for you to catch the customers eye over and over again with a single customer purchase

Advantages for Retailers

  • Impactful on-shelf appeal
  • Sales driver
  • Customer loyalty strengthened
  • Available for all materials and sizes
  • Up to 24 different icons or messages can be added to the can design
  • Text or icon in a different color, signature and simple images (negative and positive) become possible
  • Available for all materials and sizes
  • The variable printing of bi-colored high-resolution images becomes possible