Cut Out Tabs

Take it one step further

Brand logos or creative icons find a perfect home as a punched-through addition to the the tab. Elevate the overall product experience from with the initial pull of the ring!

Why use this effect?

  • Great for 360impact, branding or promotional campaigns
  • Maintain consistency across packaging mix
  • Use a range of icons to encourage consumers to collect / 'find the set'
  • Add a premium look and feel to the end of your cans

Important things to know

  • Available in Standard or Discrete die cut in a range of colors for end diameter 200 and 202 
  • Standard Cut Out Tab: A symbol stamped out of a filled-in tab, using a single shape punch
  • Discrete Cut Out Tab: A multi shaped symbol using a multi shaped punch
  • Standard Colored Tab Availability: Red, blue, green, black, clear laquer  
  • Non standard colors available upon request
  • Combination with other end products upon request