Lasered Tabs

The Icing on the Cake - Lasered Tabs

The perfect canvas for logos, short messages, icons or special codes, Ball's lasered tabs offer more opportunities for brands to easily and cost-effectively connect and interact with customers in a unique and unexpected way.

Product Benefits

  • Reinforces brand communication and creates brand loyalty
  • A message or seasonal symbol on the top of the tab can also boost attention
  • Potential basis for tab collections

Why do you need lasered tabs?

  • Get new possibilities for creative promotions
  • Use code promotions to keep your homepage or campaign website lively and interesting
  • Create brand loyalty during the campaign and prolonged commitment to the brand
  • You benefit along with the campaign winners (and all the other participants)

Technical Specifications

  • Available for end diameters 200 and 202, Stolle only
  • Up to 12 characters, max. 6 in one row. More characters and icons must be checked individually.