Laser Engraved Tabs

The Icing on the Cake

The perfect canvas for logos, short messages, icons or special codes, Ball's lasered tabs offer more opportunities for brands to easily and cost-effectively connect and interact with customers in a unique and unexpected way.

Why use this effect?

  • Ideal for customer engagement to drive promotional interaction

  • A message on the top of the tab or a seasonal symbol boosts attention

  • Great for simple icons/ branding or promotional campaigns

Important things to know

  • Available on end diameter 200 and 202

  • Under Code Tab: An alphanumeric code or design engraved under a filled-in tab

  • Laser engraved Tab: A symbol or text engraved on a filled-in tab

  • Under Tab Codes (UTCs) support campaigns with promotional 'win' mechanics. The underside of the tab is engraved with alphanumeric codes which are visible once the can is opened

  • Combination with other end products upon request