The CDL end is key element of Ball’s “new generation” product category. Featuring pressurized, hermetically sealed closure capabilities that consistently keep the product fresh, the CDL end delivers excellent packaging performance. Perfectly compatible with the B-Can, this end illustrates a smart solution while using less material throughout the value chain.

Same properties, less resources

As our contribution to sustainable packaging, we are constantly trying to decrease the weight of our cans and ends. The latest success story is the CDL end, which is 10% lighter than the standard end but retains the current performance characteristics. Converting 900 million ends to CDL will save aluminium equal to the weight of an A380 plane.

Product Benefits

  • 10% weight reduction helps beverage producers reaching sustainability goals
  • Maintains performance characteristics of standard ends in terms of pressure resistance, opening force, shelf life, etc.
  • Same filling speed
  • Consumers will not recognize a difference