Ball Resealable End

The Resealable Can BRE and BRE+

In Europe, Ball is the only can maker with a resealable beverage can in its product portfolio. Cans with the special Ball Resealable End (BRE) have already won several awards. Cans featuring the BRE have all the properties of a normal beverage can. The only difference is a flat plastic opening mechanism in the aluminum end. The can is opened and resealed by a simple rotating movement. A BRE can keeps the drink fresh to the last drop and may be easily and safely transported even after opening. As a further safety measure to prevent tampering, the consumer can see if a can has already been opened.

Ball also has a BRE especially for pasteurized drinks as well: The Ball Resealable End+ (BRE+).

The Resealable Can

Keeps your previously opened beverage fresher longer and is 100 percent spill-proof. Discover Ball's Reseablable End - the BRE.

Beverage cans with the Ball Resealable End have all the properties of normal cans: Stackability, long shelf life, standard fill rate, and full recyclability. The BRE is suitable for all cold filling applications up to 6.2 bar internal pressure.

BRE+: Resealability for pasteurized products

A further refinement, BRE+, is suitable for all drinks that need to be pasteurized, such as fruit juice flavor energy drinks and ice teas. BRE+ is outwardly identical to the normal BRE. Thanks to a different blend of plastic, the BRE+ has a higher temperature resistance. A laser-perforated label has the added function of conducting condensation formed during pasteurization on the inside of the plastic elements (not inside the can) to the outside.

Resealable cans are ideally suited for outdoor events and active consumer groups. The BRE makes large format cans easy to handle and represents the ultimate in convenience. The BRE and BRE+ are available in the standard end format 202. Perfect brand coordination is enabled by varying the color of the plastic.

BRE and BRE+ keep your drink absolutely fresh until the end and no drop gets lost. Even in extreme situations.

Product Benefits

  • Gas- and liquid-tight until the last drop
  • Perfect for on-the-go consumption
  • The BRE+ is suitable for all drinks that need to be pasteurized such as flavored energy drinks, ice teas and fruit juice
  • The favorite closure of young, modern and active consumers

Technical Specifications

  • Materials: aluminum end and plastic element
  • Size and colors: 202, available in black, other colors on request
  • BRE+: Pasteurizable
  • Pressure resistance up to 6.2 bar
  • Modification of filling line necessary/contract filler available