Ball Resealable End

The Resealable Can BRE

In Europe, Ball is the only can maker with a resealable beverage can in its product portfolio. Cans with the special Ball Resealable End (BRE) have already won several awards. Cans featuring the BRE have all the properties of a normal beverage can. The only difference is a flat plastic opening mechanism in the aluminum end. The can is opened and resealed by a simple rotating movement. A BRE can keeps the drink fresh to the last drop and may be easily and safely transported even after opening. As a further safety measure to prevent tampering, the consumer can see if a can has already been opened.

The Resealable Can

Keeps your previously opened beverage fresher longer and is 100 percent spill-proof. Discover Ball's Reseablable End - the BRE.

Beverage cans with the Ball Resealable End have all the properties of normal cans: Stackability, long shelf life, standard fill rate, and full recyclability. The BRE is suitable for all cold filling applications up to 6.2 bar internal pressure.

Product Benefits

  • Gas- and liquid-tight until the last drop
  • Perfect for on-the-go consumption
  • The favorite closure of young, modern and active consumers

Technical Specifications

  • Materials: aluminum end and plastic element
  • Size and colors: 202, available in black
  • Pressure resistance up to 6.2 bar
  • Modification of filling line necessary/contract filler available