Tue, 02 Jun 2020

The successful cooperation between Ball and inodrinx demonstrates that beverage cans and high-quality organic products are a perfect match. For the natural kombucha of the Berlin-based start-up Fairment, the world's leading beverage can maker produced modern Sleek® cans, which reliably protect the living yeast and bacterial cultures of the fermented organic tea from UV radiation and oxygen.

With their excellent handling and logistics properties, beverage cans are perfect for supermarket shelves and are helping young company Fairment to tap into new target groups. Already listed in around 700 Edeka Nord stores since mid-April, Fairment Kombucha is available in four flavours - "Classic", "Hibiscus-Raspberry", "Ginger" and "Lemongrass-Mint". 

Most recently, the Craft Beer Trend reminded us that even high-quality premium products are best kept in cans. The same is true of kombucha. The global kombucha market is anticipated to reach a size of more than USD 7 billion by 2027, making the fermented tea one of the world's fastest growing beverage categories (source: Grand View Research 2020). Following the breakthrough in the U.S., the former niche product for health-conscious consumers is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. And the can is the key to rapid growth. Light and compact, it offers advantages in handling, logistics and recycling, and is suitable for all types of refrigeration. And with their special barrier properties, beverage cans are the ideal container for protecting the millions of living microbes in unpasteurised raw kombucha. 

"More and more manufacturers of innovative, healthy and functional beverages are discovering the can for themselves - not only because of its design potential and price, but above all because it offers perfect product protection," says Uwe Schmolling, Sales Manager Germany at Ball. "Cans are ideal for products with sensitive ingredients, and they also cool down quickly. This makes them ideal for beverages where the cold chain must be maintained - such as kombucha. In addition, beverage cans are one of the most efficient forms of closed-loop packaging, as aluminium can be recycled easily, almost indefinitely and without loss of quality."

To ensure smooth implementation of the project, Ball once again worked with inodrinx functional beverages, a company specializing in the support and filling of innovative products and brands such as Fairment. Martin Wunderlich, CEO of inodrinx, says: "Such innovative products always present an exciting challenge. This makes it all the more important to have a reliable and competent partner, such as Ball, at our side. As usual, the cooperation was professional and determined."