Thu, 18 Jun 2020

Ball Corporation is partnering with Russian brand Legend Of Baikal to offer its naturally sourced water in cans, for the first time.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Baikal, which provides the brand’s source of water, is the deepest lake on earth, and protecting the natural resources of the Siberian location is a key priority for Legend of Baikal. Sourced from the lake at a depth of 400 metres, Legend of Baikal Water is marketed within Russia as having restorative and antioxidant benefits, and providing natural support to the immune system.

The Russian packaged water market grew 15% in 2019 as interest in health and wellness has grown alongside increased consumer awareness of the importance of staying well hydrated. Water is the largest beverage category in the world with a growth rate of 2%, representing a significant opportunity for the beverage can industry.

Legend Of Baikal has chosen to switch to aluminium cans to appeal to younger customers who are increasingly looking for convenient and functional packaging with strong environmental credentials. The 330 millilitres Legend of Baikal Water cans are perfect for easy, on-the-go hydration in convenient packaging that can be easily recycled. Aluminium cans have a recycling rate of 75%, on average, across Europe. 

The cans launched earlier this year in Russia, South East Asia and the Middle East. Their distinctive dark blue design represents the colour of water in the depths of Lake Baikal.

Today’s announcement follows the news last month that Ball has earned the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification for all 23 of its Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) beverage can plants. Ball is the first beverage can manufacturer to meet ASI’s environmental, social and governance principles, and is a major sustainability milestone for the company.

Alexandr Zaytsev, Executive Director, Legend of Baikal, said: “Sustainability is very important to Baikal as we want to protect the amazing lake from which we source our legendary water. Working with Ball  means we can offer our customers a great on-the-go packaging solution while looking after the environment”. 

Irina Dolyanovskaya, Business Development and Sales Manager, Russia, Ball Beverage Packaging EMEA, said: “As more consumers expect sustainable solutions, we’re increasingly seeing drinks brands choosing cans. As a result, aluminium cans, which can be recycled over and over without loss of quality are now the fastest growing packaging type in Europe . At Ball, we’re passionate about helping our customers choose more sustainable packaging solutions and embedding sustainability in their business by making the switch to cans”.