Ball designs Strawster™ can for Russian restaurant chain, BlackStarBurger

Ball designs Strawster™ can for Russian restaurant chain, BlackStarBurger

Tue, 05 Jun 2018

Ovayaco has introduced a new caramel flavored energy drink called NRGet to the Russian market. The drink’s functionality is based on five natural extracts of guarana, ginseng, eleutherococcus, maral root and St. John's wort. Ball and Ovayaco have successfully cooperated in the past, with the creation of a 33-centiliter Sleek® Cola can for the Russian burger chain in 2017.

Produced in the Belgrade, Serbia, plant and then supplied to Moscow, the drink uses Ball’s award winning, 25-centiliter slim Strawster™ can. Demonstrating innovation in the beverage packaging market, the Strawster™ can has become the perfect solution for a number of fillers, including ready-to-drink and on-the-go beverages. The technology, which features a self-activated compact straw that ‘magically’ appears once the tab of the can is engaged, provides an additional ‘wow’ factor to the overall drinking experience.

To further advance Strawster's™ appeal, Ball can also laser logos, simple images and messages directly onto the exterior of the straw, offering a fantastic point of difference to customers.

Ilya Manthay, General Manager at Ovayako comments; “We chose the Strawster™ as it is both unique and fun and allows us to offer something different to other energy drinks brands on the market. The new packaging has great prospects, as it is convenient, safe and environmentally friendly. Flavor innovation is key for differentiation in the energy drinks market and we feel the caramel flavor is both unique and delicious.”

Veronique Stephan, vice president, commercial from Ball adds; “Ball is seeing a growing demand for the Strawster™ technology with a wide variety of fillers opting for the solution. It is truly unique and offers a fun and convenient drinking experience for consumers. We are also seeing more and more customers experimenting with new flavors and looking for ways to deliver them in packaging that reflects their distinctive taste.”

The cans will firstly be sold in fast food restaurants, later followed by supermarkets.