COVID-19 Relief Program

COVID-19 Relief Program

Ball responds to global COVID-19 pandemic with $5 million pledge and in-kind support

We are united in our commitment to supporting our communities worldwide throughout the ever-evolving COVID-19 health crisis. The communities where we live, work and play are an integral part of who we are and, during this time of great need, we are empowering our people on the ground in each community to create far-reaching, positive change and providing the funding to make that change a reality.

We are donating $5 million to combat the impacts of COVID-19 in our communities around the world. Each of our locations in North and South America, Europe and Asia will receive a portion of the total donation amount to invest to meet the unique needs of their local communities as the impacts of the pandemic evolve. Our focus is to provide critical support for medical supplies, food security, small businesses and at-risk communities. Each region has the flexibility to decide how best to use the funds to address COVID-19 related challenges in the most impactful ways possible.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. With support from the Ball Foundation, we are maintaining strong relationships with our partners, including the American Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, to aid in the activation of disaster response programs. Through partnerships like these and others, we are effectively suppling our communities with essential items like canned water, masks, gloves and other necessary equipment for those working on the frontline of the pandemic.