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Your products deserve innovative packaging

Ball is a global leader in metal packaging for your food, beverage and aerosol products

Not everyone looks at metal packaging with the passion and purpose that Ball does. We bring a wealth of experience and an incomparable track record of industry advances to every project. Starting with the aluminum can, one of our largest products manufactured, we can further benefit your brand by adding performance and sustainability. But we don’t just sell a catalog of what’s already commercially available.  When you come to us with a challenge, we take the extra time to determine the right solution for your needs.

Beverage packaging that delivers more than just a cold drink

Ball takes pride in creating beverage packaging that is smart, practical, sustainable and eye-catching. That’s why we’ve developed everything from the versatile Alumi-Tek® bottle, which allows consumers to open and re-close their drinks, to the Dynamark variable printing technology that allows us to print up to 24 design variations per production run, to our new infinitely recyclable aluminum cup, a game-changer for the industry as consumer demand for sustainable packaging grows. At Ball, we work with customers to deliver a more sustainable, unique packaging experience to consumers and not just a cold drink. 
Ball beverage can range

Ball's Revolutionary ReAl Aerosol Technology

Check out this video to learn more about Ball's ReAl can, the lightest of its kind!

Breathing new air into aerosol technology

Ever since the aerosol can revolutionized consumer products in the 1940s, Ball has been refining and improving the technology to suit the needs of modern consumers. Ball recently developed a new metal alloy that not only adds recyclable material to our products, but also reduces their weight by as much as 10 percent. This is just one recent advancement that we’re using to help you achieve your mission.
Aerosol cans in production

An American company with a global identity

Ball started in Buffalo, New York, and expanded into the global manufacturing leader it is today

Since its founding in 1880 in Buffalo, New York, Ball has manufactured plastic, glass and metal packaging, as well as electronics and rubber products. Not only that, but Ball is an established leader in aerospace technology. So it’s easy to see why a global reach and unmatched expertise in making sure that no matter our customer’s mission, we’re there to help them accomplish it. Ball’s headquarters is in Broomfield, Colorado, and we’ve expanded our operations to locations around the world.


Ball's process for turning ideas into reality


Ball's innovative technology helps us deliver inventive, functional and eye-catching packaging for our customers