Printed Tabs

The Icing on the Cake - Printed Tabs

A further opportunity to connect to customers comes by way of the Printed Tab. Brand logo's, small messages or other icons add enhancement to the can both easily and effectively.

Product Benefits

  • Reinforces brand communication
  • A message or seasonal symbol on the top of the tab can also boost attention
  • Potential basis for tab collections

Consumers think...

“I spotted it at second glance – a real artistic detail.”
“To me, this is the icing on the cake.”

Why do you need printed tabs?

  • Get new possibilities for creative promotions
  • Use code promotions to keep your homepage or campaign website lively and interesting
  • Create brand loyalty during the campaign and prolonged commitment to the brand
  • You benefit along with the campaign winners (and all the other participants)

Technical Specifications

  • Available for end diameters 200 and 202
  • Colors: Red, blue, green, black and gold
  • Icon must be checked individually

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