VizZen™ Bring Data Into Focus  

In a data driven world, VizZen provides an actionable advantage 

VizZen is a powerful, Open Source-based, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software solution that merges multiple sources of data, of any data format, to create a single source of truth – and provide a deeper understanding of data – through the power of visualization.

VizZen enables you to see more, learn more, and do more with data, quickly and securely, no matter the industry or application: from aerospace, defense and intelligence to energy and agriculture; from financial services to healthcare; from real estate to logistics and beyond.

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VizZen Data

VizZen offers a variety of capabilties:

  • One Object One Time (1O1T) single version of truth achieved through conflation of multiple data sources 
  • Customizable Data Layers, Objects, Attributes and Schemas
  • Customizable business rules and workflow automation
  • Enhanced discovery and editing of objects/attributes at any scale
  • Developed in the cloud but able to run in any enterprise environment 
  • And More

VizZen is designed, deployed and hardened to military-grade specifications, providing customers with a tool that is secure while remaining flexible for any task or application. In a world where data makes all the difference, VizZen provides a clear, customizable and actionable advantage.
VizZen Data

VizZen: the power of visualization

Confidence: it’s all about being able to view the right data, in the right place, at the right time – all the time.

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