Detecting threats at sea

Life-saving awareness
The Seasparrow/Stalker electro-optical system is key to detecting threats to the U.S. Navy’s large deck ships. Seasparrow/Stalker’s long-range sensor system provides 24/7 situational awareness that allows ship crews to identify potential targets at long and short ranges, determine intent and make informed decisions. 

What we did 

Sensor provider

We designed the Seasparrow electro optical camera originally as a low-light camera system used for search, surveillance, target identification, fire control and navigational guidance for surface-to-air missile defense. It has been used by the Navy for more than 40 years.

Stalker evolved from Seasparrow. Stalker’s Long-Range Electro-Optical Sensor System is installed aboard large deck ships and significantly enhances the Navy’s ability to detect, classify, identify and determine hostile intent of potential threats.  We developed and tested the Stalker system, which uses visible and mid-wave infrared cameras to provide imagery in day and night conditions.
The Stalker system installed on a Navy shipdeck

Our Navy customers discuss Stalker

Watch this video to see U.S. Navy officers discuss the importance of situational awareness for large deck ships and how our long range optical system Stalker is essential to the safety of the fleet.