Geodesic Dome Phased Array Antenna

Advanced Phased Array tech

The goal of the Geodesic Dome Phased Array Antenna – Advanced Technology Demonstration (GDPAA-ATD) is to upgrade the Air Force Satellite Control Network. By replacing large dish antennas with advanced phased array antennas, a GDPAA would greatly improve satellite communication links for the Air Force. Our tech demo program was jointly sponsored by the Space and Missile Systems Center and Air Force Research Laboratory to support the Air Force Space Command, which manages the satellite network. 

GDPAA technology demonstration panel
GDPAA technology demonstration panel

What we did 

From demo to operational system

We developed, integrated and tested the ATD hardware to validate the GDPAA concept of using a geodesic dome phased array antenna for ground-based satellite communication links. The phased-array technology provides more flexible and reliable satellite telemetry, tracking and command capabilities, and communications for the Air Force. We’ve successfully evolved our phased array antenna technology development to create an operational system and designed in many features: 

  • Ability to communicate with four or more satellites simultaneously
  • Shared antenna use between DoD organizations and civil satellite programs 
  • Electronic pointing that increases reliability and efficiency
  • Flexible, automated operations to add capacity
  • Lowering operation and maintenance costs and allowing maintenance during operation 

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