F-35 Lightning II

Joint Strike Fighter 

Affordable stealth technology 

The Department of Defense’s Next Generation Fighter/attack tactical aircraft, the F-35 Lightning II, is bringing cutting-edge technologies to the warfighter. The F-35 Lightning II program calls for development of a family of affordable and stealthy tactical aircraft for the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps; the U.K. Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, and other allies worldwide. 
F-35 Lightning II on airstrip
F-35 Lightning II. Credit: Lockheed Martin

What we’re doing

Antenna suite provider 

Lockheed Martin selected us to design, develop, manufacture and test the communications, navigation and identification integrated body antenna suite for the F-35 Lightning II, based on our leadership in developing low observable antenna technology. The aircraft’s antenna suite includes 15 configurations for the three F-35 variants operating at UHF Satcom and Line-of -Sight, L-band, S-band, C-band and radar altimeter. The integrated body suite qualification was completed in June 2005 and initial production has begun at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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