Ball Aerospace celebrates 60 years

To commemorate Ball Aerospace’s 60th anniversary, and the many achievements and historic firsts that our dedicated employees have been a part of, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has designated December 3, 2016, as “Ball Day.”

Our story began 136 years ago when five brothers founded Ball with a $200 loan from their uncle. 76 years later, one of the brother’s sons, Edmund Ball, established Ball Brothers Research Corp. in Boulder, Colorado, on December 3, 1956. He met up with faculty and students from the University of Colorado and began working with them during the early days of the space program to develop rocket pointing controls - our first research and development program! This month marks our 60th anniversary and our continuation of the dream and rich history of innovations started by the Ball brothers. Click here for a link to a story on our anniversary.
Some examples of Ball Aerospace’s most well-known achievements include: building the Ralph camera that returned the first high-resolution images of Pluto on the New Horizons mission, building the planet-hunting spacecraft, Kepler, which has discovered more than 2,500 confirmed exoplanets; and partnering with NASA on the four Great Observatories: Hubble, Comptom, Chandra and Spitzer.

Today, our solutions protect national security with space situational awareness that helps the U.S. and its allies successfully defend their assets across an increasingly contested and congested domain. We protect first responders by providing them with the information they need to survey dangerous terrain, coordinate rescues and facilitate disaster recovery. We help collect critical data for weather-forecasting, allowing people in the U.S. and around the world to stay safe. We protect our planet with technologies that monitor the impact of climate change, observe pollution levels, demonstrate the use of green propellant and provide critical insights into Earth’s natural resources. We protect our warfighters by providing them with timely data and intelligence, and mission-critical, high-performance antennas for land, sea, air and space applications.
Now is a great time to take a moment to reflect on our heritage, look forward to our exciting future, and most importantly, celebrate and thank our entire Ball team, past and present, for our continued success. More than six decades of exceptional hard work, dedication, passion and innovation have made us who we are today. It is our strong culture that unites and compels us to push boundaries and Go Beyond.