Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
By Kaitlin Engelbert 10/07/2020
Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place Sept. 15 through Oct. 15, honors the contributions and cultures of Hispanic and Latino communities who have influenced American society. The timespan of the celebration coincides with multiple independence celebrations of Hispanic and Latino countries.

At Ball, our continued long-term success depends on our ability to embrace diversity and to provide an inclusive environment where employees can thrive. Diversity among individuals and teams helps to unleash ideas and fuel innovation, which drives growth and value throughout our global organization.

For this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, we want to highlight and celebrate a few of our incredible Hispanic engineers who are pushing the envelope when it comes to contributing to society at large and truly show what it means to Go Beyond®.


Traditions and Telescopes

“My name is Genaro Montoya and I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My favorite part about my Hispanic heritage is the food. Not just in the sense that I get to enjoy authentic meals, but more so the time spent with my family and recognizing the importance of values, traditions, and of course, recipes that have been passed down for generations.

At Ball, I am a mechanical design engineer working on the Element Wheel Assembly for NASA’s Roman Space Telescope. I'm excited about the exoplanet discovery possibilities and further exploration of dark energy.

As a mechanical engineer, there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than designing solutions that have a positive impact on the world, while being provided with opportunities to further our understanding of the universe. Ball Aerospace’s legacy and expertise support this ambition and led me to pursue a career at Ball.

I couldn’t ask for a better and more diverse set of people to work with. Ball has some of the most talented individuals in the aerospace industry and it has been rewarding to learn from such genuine and compassionate people.”


Pupusas and Payloads

“My name is Glenda Alvarenga, and I’m from Aurora, CO!

My parents are both from El Salvador and during Hispanic Heritage Month we celebrate El Salvador’s Independence Day at the annual Central American Festival held in Colorado by the Asociación Centroamericana Unida. There, my family and I sell traditional Salvadoran food.  If we don’t participate at the festival, at minimum, I make sure to get my fill of pupusas during HHM!

As a Systems Engineer at Ball, I work on the interface and requirements management for a National Defense payload program. I’m also the program manager for the Ball Intern Remote Sensing Team (BIRST), which is an afterhours program that enables Ball interns to design, build and test payloads!

I wanted to work at Ball because of all the positive things people had to say about the opportunities the company offered. I was a Ball Aerospace intern in 2016 and became a full-time engineer when I graduated – I have not left since!

Outside of the technologies Ball develops, my favorite thing about Ball is the sense of community that is offered here.  Not only does Ball have great resource groups to connect employees, but in my day-to-day work, I have been very fortunate to work with brilliant people that have gone out of their way to make sure I am involved in efforts that I find worthwhile and challenge me!”


From Midwest to Mile High

“My name is Jesús Lira and I’m from West Liberty, Iowa. I support mechanical subsystems on the Wide-Field Instrument for NASA’s Roman Space Telescope as a project engineer.

Fun fact: West Liberty was the first town in Iowa to have a majority Hispanic population!

I wanted to work for Ball because I wanted to work in a collaborative environment that values trust and inclusivity. Working for Ball has enabled me to work with so many great people in beautiful Boulder, CO, on some really amazing programs.”

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage this month, we send a special thank you to our people. At Ball, employees can do more and be more. There is nothing more important or more powerful than our people. Our employees are what enable us to continue our success, pioneer discoveries that enable our customers to perform beyond expectation and protect what matters most.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month from everyone at Ball!

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