Antenna Systems

Supports a wide range of military assets 

Proven, affordable technologies

When you are looking for high performance antennas, we can design, fabricate, test, and produce a wide range of specialized antennas, from phased arrays, to low observables to reflectors.  By integrating multi-function apertures and low radar cross section features, we solve tough space and weight issues. Whether you need antennas for aircraft, missiles, land vehicles, ships, small craft or space, we can offer you proven, affordable, fifth-generation technologies.

Tactical Antennas

Ruggedized for extreme environments

Our tactical UHF SATCOM antenna systems and other advanced technologies support Satellite Communications (SATCOM) On-the-Move. These antennas are used as universal replacement antennas for air, sea and ground mobile communication when Line of Sight exchanges are impossible. Each of our UHF antennas is designed to perform in extreme environments, and combine high efficiency with broad pattern coverage in a low-profile package.

For tactical vehicles, the Silhouette™ antenna product line provides net-centric capability.  An ultra-low profile clears the line of fire for remote controlled weapons, and makes for easy transport. Our conformal antennas can be mounted on rockets, missiles, aircraft, surface craft and land vehicles and cover a broad range of frequencies. These rugged antennas give you outstanding performance in harsh conditions and in the most demanding A2AD mission domains.  

Phased Array Antennas 

Advanced space, shipboard, aircraft and land-based systems 

You get the benefit of our expertise in aperture combining and skill in a broad range of frequencies.  We offer a wide range of phased array applications for communications, radar, space and electronic warfare, including top of the line S-band and Geodesic Dome Phased Array antennas.  To keep costs low, we leverage commercial off-the-shelf technologies and processes.

Stealth Antennas

For communications and navigation 

When space and weight are at a premium and you need survivability combined with great RF performance, the answer is our fifth- generation low observable antenna. Integrated multifunction apertures and low radar cross section features are efficient and affordable while solving installation problems. Currently, we’re building the communications and navigation antenna suite for the F-35/Lightning II. For next generation aircraft and weapons, we’re working on emerging system technology that’s more efficient, reduces size, and withstands higher temperatures. 

Reflector Antennas 

High efficiency for science, commercial and military apps 

You’ll find Ball low-noise reflector antennas on these missions: 

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