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Delivering the best of Ball

Leveraging capabilities and solutions across our company, Ball develops innovative, affordable technologies to meet the needs of commercial customers and markets in areas such as remote sensing, transformational communications and data analytics.

Remote Sensing

Sensing to Solutions

Combining cutting-edge sensors and instruments with advanced data analytics and exploitation, we turn remote sensing into solutions, delivering persistent, high-resolution data in near- to real-time. Our sensor systems can be flown on a variety of platforms, from drones to planes and from stratospheric balloons to satellites, and can be customized to meet any mission need, including methane leak detection, agriculture, border monitoring and ship tracking.

Transformational Communication

Revolutionizing the Communication Architecture

Wherever your data must travel, our technology goes too. Ball is transforming the communications architecture, delivering reliable, high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity – between satellites and to and from space. Ball’s innovative, high-bandwidth inter-satellite links and Earth-to-space links meet customer needs for data at the speed of light and connect the world faster and more securely.

With low-cost phased array SATCOM antennas, innovative 5G Rapid Prototype Phased Arrays and advanced optical communications terminals, we are helping the world meet today’s data demand.

Transforming an industry means manufacturing for scale. That’s where Ball is translating our tactical experience to space, allowing us to quickly and efficiently deliver space products directly to the customer for immediate use. 


Data Analytics & Exploitation

Turning Data into Answers

When you need answers, Ball delivers. By combining machine deep learning with advanced processors, we help customers turn data into knowledge and knowledge into action. With expertise in data enterprise management, open architecture software and advanced algorithm development, we can synthesize, analyze and exploit data from multiple sources and data types – delivering the critical answers our customers depend on.

Commerical Space Systems

High-Performing Satellites and Instruments

 At Ball, your mission is our greatest priority. From specialized instruments and configurable spacecraft to advanced ground systems and robust data analytics, we will be there for you every step of the way to ensure total mission success. We deliver proven performance at an affordable price point, such as by incorporating digital focal planes to increase imaging performance, using Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) parts to reduce price, and miniaturizing instrument technologies to reduce size, weight and power requirements.

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