Electronic Product Center 

Complete Avionics Systems

When you’re looking for 100% mission success, we can deliver a complete, high reliability avionics capability. Our expertise includes new concept development through qualified hardware delivery, to build/print of existing customer designs. To reduce development risk and increase efficiency, we’ve co-located design, production, and test engineers and facilities. If you prefer, we can also perform turn-key avionics acquisition through our extensive supplier base. 

Avionics types 

Our expertise includes payload, spacecraft and launch vehicle avionics. Payload detector electronics include Charge Coupled Device, Readout Integrated Circuit and Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor- based architectures and integrated circuit design. Spacecraft avionics include Spacecraft Command and Data Handling and Attitude Determination and Control Systems.   

Center of Excellence

Value added services

Our dedicated Electronic Product Center of excellence offers significant value to you in a number of areas. We have the ability to design, procure, manufacture, test, and deliver electronics ranging from quick reaction ground demonstrations to high reliability space flight electronics under one roof. Electronics can be designed in concert with the remainder of your system, cutting development cycles and cost.

engineer in bunny suit with harness
hand building small electronic circuit

Cost savings 

Reduced schedule risk

For example, we have “off-the-shelf,” high heritage circuit designs that can be used in new system architectures which have been optimized for you. This reduces cost and schedule risk.  It is common for us to use circuits from our military high reliability systems that have validated performance in extreme environments and offer them at low cost to our commercial customers. This also eliminates your need to invest in redundant components or detailed analyses.  

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