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The small sat sweet spot

We’ve not only helped discover “Goldilocks” planets around other suns that mimic the habitable conditions for life as we know it (Kepler) , we also offer a small sat capability that’s just right for space start-ups and entrepreneurs. Currently, we have relationships with five start-ups. 
We’re the can do, let’s do, will do teammate, based on our own heritage as a start-up in the mid-1950s. Our culture is built on the talents of smart, creative people who solve tough problems. We demonstrate key technologies early on, reducing risk for customers and investors alike.
Here’s what we offer: 
  • Hosted payloads for tech demos on small sats – our small sat flies the Green Propellant Infusion Mission’s payload, and we’re incorporating it as a new propulsion system on our small sat bus. 
  • Collaborating to share cost, risk and opportunity with you, as we are doing in our GEMS program with South Korea and TEMPO, a NASA mission on the first Air Force hosted payload contract.
  • The agility to design a modular satellite with common interfaces that enables us to integrate three payloads in under four days. 
  • Experience in how to make hardware and software work in space, giving you the capability and confidence in working with a mid-size company that can be fast-to-market with commercial terms and fixed-price contracting.
Our deep knowledge of space and the know-how to work with the investor community can enable you to take a proven, low-risk path to profitability.
That’s what going beyond is all about. 

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