A line of configurable platforms  

Fits a wide range of payloads 

Whether you plan a commercial, defense or science mission, you can find a perfect fit in one of our integrated spacecraft buses. The Ball Configurable Platform (BCP) is a family of spacecraft designed for cost-effective, remote sensing applications. Built on a customizable, proven spacecraft design, the BCP accommodates a wide range of payloads, including optical applications with sub-meter resolutions and synthetic aperture radar.

BCP product line

Small to large missions

Our spacecraft line includes: BCP 100, a perfect small satellite, offering rapid response to meet mission requirements; BCP 300, ideal for small operational and technology demonstration missions; BCP 2000, offering quick re-targeting and greater agility for Earth remote-sensing payloads; and BCP 5000, providing increased power, stability, agility, and data storage and transmission. The BCP 5000 spacecraft can reorient a satellite over a desired collection area in 4-5 seconds, compared to the typical 30-45 second timeframe. This agility allows for rapid targeting unmatched in the industry.


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