A Mission Perspective

 Early engagement

Your mission is where we start. Our expert mission architects partner with you early, bringing concept trade studies we’ve designed to ensure we fully understand what drives your goals and constraints. We make use of the full breadth of Ball’s technical expertise to find the best solution from a mission perspective. Starting at the desired end result of your mission enables us to choose and use the right technologies to make your mission a success.

Low light, high definiton CMOS cameraWhen you need superior quality images, we offer high performance cameras for unmanned aerial systems, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft and U.S. Navy ships. Our product line of single and multi-band cameras includes both day and night imaging capability, with a variety of sensing technologies and image formats available. Our long range, multi-sensor, modular electro-optical systems provide actionable intelligence for maritime operations. 

From development to production, all of our imaging systems are qualified for the most challenging environments, and can be fully customized. Our low-light level cameras include advanced designs for high levels of performance and include patented technologies for image intensified requirements, which represent a high-performance standard in night imaging. 

USN Stalker

Watch the video to see how the U.S. Navy depends on our Stalker Electro-Optical system to give deck ships unparalled situational awareness out to the horizon.

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