Laser Effects Research

Laser Effects 

Illuminating research 
Everything you always wanted to know about lasers can be found at Ball. If you’re interested in high-power laser-effects research, laser-weapon lethality studies, foreign and domestic target susceptibility and vulnerability analyses, you’ll get exceptional scientific and engineering services here.

We perform laser-target diagnostics design and development and laser-target indoor/outdoor laboratory experiments and demonstrations. We conduct studies to determine safe laser-illumination conditions on satellites and keep track of satellite locations in space and time for predictive-avoidance studies.

How does heat and heating-rate affect objects of interest? How do different types of lasers deposit energy on materials, and how does laser irradiation affect the optical properties of materials? We model and analyze all this. We assess the effectiveness of foreign laser threats against various targets and also perform laser-countermeasures and counter-countermeasures studies, laser propagation analyses, and provide laser system development program execution and engineering services.
jet shooting laser credit DARPA

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