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Leveraging Space

We’ve developed and tested terrestrial- based applications for laser technology that take advantage of our extensive history in space-based programs.  By utilizing the highest quality systems from space pursuits and our warfighting applications, our laser technologies deny enemy opportunities, while warfighters regain capability in the electro-optical /infrared (EO/IR) spectrum. 

We’ve pioneered development of airborne optical communications programs by demonstrating some of the first operational systems on the Airborne Flight Test System flown on a KC-135 in 1981. Today we provide airborne terminals that can be integrated onto Tier II Unmanned Aerial Vehicles like Global Hawk.

Our line of optical communication products includes Risley Prism-based coarse pointing that allows the terminal to be completely receded within the frame of the aircraft. The conformal packaging and high data rate associated with these terminals has led to commercial interest in addition to long standing military interest. Our optical communication products can be applied to commercial data relays and extension of internet access to remote locations.

Commercial lasercom

The first global, all optical commercial communications satellite system is on its way and we’re using proven hardware to make it happen. If you’re looking for high bandwidth data and next generation service, you’ve just found it. We’re building a satellite system to deliver space-based laser communications at speeds nearly 100 times faster than conventional radio links.   

We’ve also developed a host of other supporting technologies, like precision pointing, acquisition and tracking systems, high-power optical amplifiers and high-bandwidth optical communications terminals.

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