Big Data to Big Knowledge

Making sense out of information overload
In a massive stream of data, how do you know what’s really meaningful? And turn that into something you can act on? We can do all that for you and more. We take huge data streams from a variety of different sensors, process, interpret and disseminate it and turn it into a tool that’s tailored precisely for decision-makers in the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense. 

From end-to-end enterprise data management systems to research & development to specific operations, we offer you a full range of scalable capabilities.

GEOINT Enterprise Data Management 

Bringing it all together 

Making all Geospatial-Intelligence (GEOINT) accessible, discoverable, timely and relevant in a real-time dynamic environment is a goal of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. We’re helping them get there.  We offer true One Object - One Time, fully scalable enterprise data management systems for the Intelligence Community. We deliver cloud enabled conflation, correlation, linked data, and advanced data management currently deployed to Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) and Intelligence Community infrastructures.

When you need subject matter experts, we’ll put ours to work for you.  They specialize in remote sensing phenomenology and develop data analysis software tools and systems to perform end-to-end information services for GEOINT and Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) information. We also offer integrated analysis and 24/7 GEOINT operations support.

Open Architectures 

Constant improvement

The advantages of open source software are that countless developers are working to improve it. So when we develop software and systems, we focus on open architectures. We use best practices to rapidly integrate Commercial Off -The- Shelf, Government Off-The-Shelf and Free and Open Source Software technologies. We were early adopters in successfully leveraging virtualization technologies and transitioning government-owned exploitation capabilities into the open source environment. We’ve also integrated GEOINT based metadata for Overhead Persistent Infrared sensors, making it accessible via web services.  

In 2007, we launched Opticks as an open source software project designed to enable detailed analysis of remote sensing data, and to complement strategy promoted by the Department of Defense’s Open Technology Development Roadmap. Opticks is used by scientists and analysts within the DoD community to analyze remote sensing data and produce actionable intelligence. Opticks software is increasing the demand for remote sensing data and broadening the features available in existing remote sensing software. To become a part of the open source community, download the Ball Aerospace Opticks software at:

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