Rapid Prototyping

24-hour hardware 

From design to prototype 

You can get to manufacturing and production sooner with our rapid prototyping tools that take your product from design to prototype in 24 hours. Our Aerospace Manufacturing Center provides scanning ranges, anechoic chambers, test cells, plotters, presses, real time x-ray, and laser tools to quickly fabricate a prototype that can be tested and perfected before manufacturing runs. It’s how we save you precious time and money and get a finished product in the hands of the end-user. 

Systems Integration & Test 

Complex aerospace payloads with extreme requirements must be integrated and tested rigorously to make the mission a success.  We’ve honed the fine art of wedding extremely complex systems to work perfectly on orbit. When a spacecraft and payload leave here for launch, you can trust that it will perform as expected in the unforgiving environment of space. 

Electromagnetic & Thermal Testing

Recently our electromagnetic interference/ compatibility chamber has been enlarged to accommodate large spacecraft. Rigorous testing ensures that space-bound vehicles are hardened against radiation. To mimic the extreme hot and cold cycles the spacecraft and payload experience from launch through orbit, our thermal test chamber subjects satellites to a series of tough tests before liftoff. 

Optical Test Facility

Designed to accommodate a wide range of high-accuracy test operations, including vacuum and cryogenic testing, our Optical Test Facility includes ten different labs/test areas.
It provides inspection, testing and cleaning of a wide array of optical components and systems for airborne and space applications. With expertise in the most advanced optical technologies, our staff offers upfront and in-process consultation services for optical systems and component designs that must achieve high levels of performance under very challenging conditions.  
Our facility is used for Ball programs, but is available to other optical technology companies who need rigorous testing in a fully-qualified environment. For more information and specifications on Ball’s Optical Test Facilities and services, please contact us.

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