High Performance Digital Technologies

High Performance Digital Technologies

Challenging Environments

When it comes to developing and manufacturing advanced tactical Radio Frequency (RF) antennas and microwave systems, we’re recognized as a leader in the industry. Since the mid-70s, we’ve developed the latest high-performance RF and digital technologies for military aircraft, missiles, land vehicles, ships, small craft and space applications. These allow our customers to make the most of available frequency bandwidth and communicate successfully in the densest RF environments.

Our RF expertise ranges from developing one-of-a-kind, Synthetic Aperture Radar antennas to producing thousands of Global Positioning System (GPS) and communication antennas for civil and Department of Defense applications. Our RF antenna and microwave products include:
•    Low observable, conformal, and phased array antennas
•    Communication and sensing antennas for missiles, ships, aircraft and ground systems
•    Space-based reflectors and instruments
•    Arrayed and multi-function antennas
•    RF subsystems and co-site mitigation
•    System integration

Leading Modular Technologies

Leading Modular Technologies

We’re leading the industry in developing phased array architecture that delivers reliable and affordable high data rate Ku- and Ka-Band SATCOM capabilities in a low-profile package. We’ve engineered unique modular, scalable sub-array building blocks to configure an aperture size that meets airborne, maritime or ground platform requirements for size, weight, power and throughput. 

Recently we’ve leveraged this architecture into a complete Ka/Ku SATCOM on the move (OTM) terminal for a C-130 hatch-mount. The AIRLINK® antenna leaves the hatch available for an emergency exit and does not require aircraft modification. With only an adapter plate change, the antenna can be used with other platforms. Minimal system components result in a lightweight terminal with roll on/off capability to support any C-130 mission. 

The AIRLINK® terminal operates via with Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) and commercial Ku- and Ka-Band satellites providing operational flexibility. Performance has been demonstrated with XTAR-LANT and has received certification for operation. Additionally, the AIRLINK terminal is undergoing WGS certification.


We’ve worked closely with the warfighting community to provide them with a tactical and mission advantage. We’ve recognized the gap in existing RF-based navigation systems and the calls from warfighters to provide uninterrupted Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT). 

Our proprietary system leverages our extensive background in RF management to produce a system that regains RF-based PNT in the most difficult electronic warfare environments.  We’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the warfighting community to develop, test and prove this capability against known adversary-based jamming systems in worst case scenarios.

Stryker armored combat vehicle on muddy terrain.
Stryker armored combat vehicle


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