Supporting U.S. Space Assets

Tracking, Telemetry & Commanding

When it comes to supporting an ever-increasing fleet of space assets and providing users with reliable network operations, we offer emerging and affordable technology that is ready for operation. 

Ball Aerospace’s proven S- and L-band multibeam phased array technology can help address many challenges military and commercial customers are facing in modernizing ground antennas to meet the needs of tomorrow’s LEO, MEO and GEO constellations. 

Our leading-edge electronically steerable antennas (ESAs) use software to electronically steer and instantaneously track and connect with multiple live satellites via L/S band frequencies for commanding, telemetry and ranging.

Ball Aerospace’s innovative subarray architecture provides unmatched flexibility to meet any use case, enabling a fully-customized solution at an affordable cost point. Subarrays can be tiled together and scaled to meet unique performance requirements, enabling a fully customizable solution at an affordable cost point. Providing unmatched flexibility, our antenna solutions can meet a range of military and commercial use cases.

Ball Aerospace’s ESA solutions are field tested and leverage more than 50 years of phased array design and manufacturing expertise. In a full end-to-end demonstration in 2020, Ball Aerospace and partners demonstrated the technology, successfully communicating with multiple satellites across multiple orbits. 

Ball Aerospace has targeted investment in the core phased array technologies that will enable this technology to address mission needs while providing an affordable full system solution. ESAs have no moving parts, can often be serviced without interrupting missions and provide graceful degradation – resulting in reduced operation and maintenance costs. Ball Aerospace is leading the industry in developing an ESA architecture that delivers reliable and affordable SATCOM capabilities.


Read about the phased array transmit test we performed for the U.S. Space Force’s Multi-band, Multi-mission program.

Tactical Solutions

Download this PDF to explore how we provide assured communications and navigation and enhanced situational awareness for a variety of military platforms.

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Phased Array Advantage

No moving parts. Fast and agile steering. Low profile.