The objective of  the Ball Aerospace Facilities Standards & Guidelines (FSGs) is to achieve coherence, continuity, and compatibility across all Ball Aerospace facilities and buildings.  The information set forth in the FSGs are intended to be used by consultants (both prime and subconsultants), and contractors to assist in providing design and construction that supports Ball Aerospace’s operational, maintenance, and life-cycle needs.

Ball Aerospace will periodically revise the Facilites Standards & Guidelines, as required, to address changes in adopted codes, programmatic criteria, and technical requirements for design and construction projects.  All users of the FSGs are responsible for referencing new or updated sections at the execution of their respective contracts.

The Facilities Standards & Guidelines and all information contained herein are the private property of Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. and may not be distributed or reproduced, except as specifically authorized by Ball Aerospace. These documents are provided as guidance and clarification of requirements and shall not be used as or referenced in any bidding or construction contract documents.  Ball Aerospace does not guarantee, represent, warrant, or assure the safety or performance of any service, item, property, product, component, or system tested, installed, or operated in accordance with the Facilities Standards and Guidelines.