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Join Manette Snow, vice president, diversity and inclusion, each month as she discusses a different topic about Ball’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.  Manette will be joined by various internal and external guests, and Charles Johnson, director, diversity and inclusion, also will host a monthly podcast on related topics.   
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Get INvolved! Give INput!  Be INformed!  
Posted: 02/28/2018 by Manette Snow | with 0 comments
Join Manette Snow and guest Clarence Crosby, director, as they discuss Ball’s celebration of Black History Month and the progress Ball has made in terms of supporting the African American community over the years. Clarence shares his unique experience as co-lead of the African American Ball Resource Group (AABRG) and as a Ball employee of almost 35 years. Hear about the event hosted by the AABRG with Cathy Ross and Stuart Taylor from Ball’s Board of Directors and how you can get involved in diversity and inclusion where you work.
Posted: 01/31/2018 by Manette Snow | with 0 comments
For the past six months, you have heard us talk about all of the ways in which Ball Corporation is committed to diversity and inclusion, but are we really walking the walk? In the first “I’m All In” vlog of 2018, join Manette Snow, vice president, diversity & inclusion, and John Hayes, president, chairman, and CEO as they discuss how far Ball has come in the past few years in regards to diversity and inclusion and what Ball needs to do to make it to the next level.
Posted: 12/20/2017 by Manette Snow | with 0 comments
Whether it’s with volunteerism, mentorship or scholarships, Ball’s commitment to the communities where we live and operate has been an integral part of our corporate culture ever since the five Ball brothers founded the company in 1880. Join Manette Snow, vice president, diversity and inclusion, and her guest Chris Chavez, executive director of The Ball Foundation and director, corporate relations, in a discussion about how Ball’s work in the communities have been helping us to drive better diversity in our company.
Posted: 11/29/2017 by Manette Snow | with 1 comments
Our continued long-term success depends on our ability to embrace diversity and to provide an inclusive environment where employees can thrive. Diversity among individuals and teams helps to unleash ideas and fuel innovation, which drives growth and value throughout our global organization. Briefly stated: diversity and inclusion is a business imperative. Join Manette Snow, vice president, diversity and inclusion, and her guest Sarah Ault, intern, diversity and inclusion, as they talk about Ball's efforts to embrace diversity through its intern hiring process, specifically through the Diverse Interns at Ball Summit (DIBS). 
Posted: 10/25/2017 by Manette Snow | with 0 comments
When you think of the word disability, what comes to mind? The answer usually involves a physical disability. Mental health is often overlooked and stigmatized. Similarly, we think of disabilities as permanent and incapacitating, when the reality is that many people encounter issues with mental health on a temporary basis. In this month’s I’m All In vlog, Manette Snow, vice president, diversity and inclusion, hosts John Koelling, vice president, global total rewards, to talk about some of those issues that can affect our employees and their families. This video is part of Ball’s greater efforts to bring awareness to disabilities, both physical and mental, during National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
Posted: 09/20/2017 by Manette Snow | with 1 comments
Every September, Ball Corporation celebrates Who We Are Month, taking pride in our people, culture and who we are as a company. Ball has taken great strides toward creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace — by growing its Ball Resource Groups, investing in recruiting efforts, obtaining a consecutive perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index and more. And yet, there is still work to be done. In this month’s vlog, Manette Snow talks with Charles Johnson, director, diversity and inclusion, about what challenges we have as we create an environment where everyone at Ball is all in.
Posted: 08/09/2017 by Manette Snow | with 1 comments
An environment that unlocks the unique qualities, values and potential of each employee, and leverages diverse perspectives, experiences, competencies, cultures and aspirations. That’s what we’re striving to provide at Ball, so each and every one of us can thrive and do our best work. In this month’s vlog Manette Snow talks to Cindy Deal, vice president, human resources, Food & Aerosol packaging, and co-lead of the LGBTA Ball Resource group, about Ball's perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index that we earned for a second year by making improvements to our policies and procedures to make them more inclusive, some of our customers’ pride initiatives, and Cindy’s perspectives on why she is “All IN.”
Posted: 07/12/2017 by Manette Snow | with 13 comments
At Ball, we strive to create an inclusive work environment. Every day, you affect the people around you with your words.  Find out how you can use language that brings out the best in people, write emails that build relationships, and make people feel like they matter.  Learn how to speak up effectively by saying “OUCH” when someone uses inappropriate language and to let others know that there are better word choices.  Be part of the conversation and learn how to speak more inclusively.