South America

Ball manufactures aluminum beverage cans in Brazil. According to ABAL, the Brazilian Aluminum Association, and ABRALATAS, The Brazilian Association of Can Manufacturers, the 2014 Brazilian beverage can recycling rate was 98.4 percent. That means Brazil recycled around 289,500 metric tons of aluminum beverage cans, equal to 22.9 billion cans or 2.6 million cans per hour.


While it is almost impossible to increase Brazil’s recycling rate further, Ball is committed to educating consumers, especially children and youth, about the environmental advantages of beverage can recycling through various programs, including the “It’s Time to Recycle” campaign.
In partnership with Brazilian nongovernmental organization ONG Evoluir, Ball developed and launched an environmental education campaign called “It’s Time to Recycle” in 2015. The goal is to engage teachers and educate children about the importance of recycling. Classes were held in all four communities where Ball operates plants and 84 participating teachers brought the program’s content to their schools.
Around 11,000 books about the “It’s Time to Recycle” heroes, sustainable development and recycling were distributed and a new ultra-large board game allowed kids to learn about recycling in a creative and fun way.