Dynamark® Effect

Dynamark® Effect Series Takes Product Personalization to the Next Level.

Dynamark® Effect is a printing technology that addresses the megatrend of individualization. This finishing solution easily integrates up to 24 different designs into existing print processes for all sizes of steel and aluminum cans, allowing customers to develop and deliver special promotions with greater ease.

Advantages for Marketers

  • Addresses the megatrend of individualization
  • Mass customization in can production at reasonable cost
  • No changes required to filling line process
  • Modern approach to brand differentiation
  • Allows the creation and execution of unique promotions

Advantages for Retailers

  • Impactful on-shelf appeal
  • Sales driver
  • Customer loyalty strengthened

Dynamark® Effect 1.0

  • Available for all materials and sizes
  • Up to 24 different single-colored messages appear in the color of the can or base coat

Dynamark® Effect 2.0

  • Available for all materials and sizes
  • Up to 24 different icons or messages can be added to the can design
  • Text or icon in a different color, signature and simple images (negative and positive) become possible

Dynamark® Effect 3.0

  • Available for all materials and sizes
  • The variable printing of bi-colored high-resolution images becomes possible