Aluminium Bottles

Stand out from the crowd!

Create a lasting and powerful impression with aluminium bottles from Ball, the most sophisticated package for your brand. The combination of beverage can and bottle creates compelling interest among consumers due to its unique appearance. In addition, it offers a unique cooling effect when handled therefore delivering a premium drinks experience. Found to be particularly suitable for speciality beer products or promotional campaigns in clubs.

Why Choose Ball’s Aluminium Bottles?

  • Your product is of a premium nature
  • You seek on-shelf differentiation
  • You want to offer consumers a package that communicates a sense of individuality

Technical Specifications

Impact Bottle
  • Size: 33cl and 50cl short neck; 33cl and 47,3cl long neck
  • Inks: Up to 8 colors, gold/silver, UV, fluorescent, transparent/opaque
  • Overvarnish: gloss, semi-matte, matte
  • Line trial recommended for new customers
  • End: crown cork
FUSION® Bottle
  • Size: 25cl and 33cl
  • Inks: Up to 6 colors
  • Overvarnish: gloss
  • Line trial recommended for new customers
  • End: ROPP

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