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In late 2010, Ball began its transition from corporate philanthropy to impact-driven community investment by developing a private foundation for philanthropic activity in the U.S. The Ball Foundation's mission is to provide financial support to U.S. nonprofit organizations that sustain the communities where we live and operate. To achieve this, the Ball Foundation provides grants to tax-exempt organizations that meet its guidelines and have measurable plans to improve our communities.

The Ball Foundation adopted focused giving areas that promote education, recycling and community engagement. Effective educational programs are vital to Ball's competitiveness and to our future workforce. Increasing our products' recycling rates reduces material costs and the environmental impact of manufacturing. Lastly, canned food and beverages are ideal for food security and disaster relief efforts. The link between these giving areas and our business allows us to focus our investments where they make the greatest impact.

Also in the U.S., The Ball Foundation invested $1.5 million into community programs that create a positive, measurable impact in education, recycling, food security and disaster relief.

Through structured grants and required reporting guidelines, we maximize the impact of our investments. In recent years, the Ball Foundation invested in mentoring, hands-on learning opportunities and educational materials for thousands of students. The Foundation supported a program in 2013, for example, that helped nearly 40 schools transition to zero waste. The grant focused on decreasing waste in participating schools by 66 percent through waste reduction projects, composting and increased recycling. In the community engagement area, the Ball Foundation supported various self-sufficiency programs and, through partnerships with local agencies, addressed the immediate survival needs for thousands of homeless or underprivileged citizens in our communities.

While the distribution of Ball Foundation funds is limited to the U.S., the guidelines and processes created will be leveraged across our global footprint. As we move forward, this will bring more purpose, structure and transparency to our giving around the world by providing greater focus on which organizations we support and why, and by giving us the ability to track and measure the impact it makes.

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