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Space is becoming more complex, congested, contested and competitive. Our technology development supports game-changing capabilities for military and intelligence missions. These help improve your ability to sense the environment, characterize space objects, integrate and exploit data, and disseminate information to the battlefield.  

When adversaries attempt to deny, degrade, deceive, disrupt or destroy military space systems, you need predictive, accurate detection and tracking technologies. One example of how we improve the strength of the country’s defenses is our Space Based Space Surveillance System (SBSS) spacecraft. It gives the U.S. Air Force the ability to detect and track space objects with twice the speed and sensitivity of previous space sensors.

To give you reliable global access and enable a quick response to emerging threats, we develop satellite platforms, constellation architectures and protected sensing systems. These let you configure functions using standard interfaces.

Remote Sensing

Technology Breakthrough
Information comes from many different sources and we’re developing technology to look at new ways to collect it. Our goal is to improve persistence, image and data quality while reducing cost, size, weight and power. 

With that in mind, our replicated diffractive optics/ Membrane Optical Imager for Real-Time Exploitation (MOIRE) breaks efficiency and weight barriers associated with glass mirrors by using revolutionary lightweight membrane technology.  MOIRE enables the launch of much larger, higher resolution space telescopes. Lab demonstrations have shown that MOIRE’s 68-foot, 20-meter diameter telescope can provide high-resolution, real-time video and images of the planet from 22,000 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Besides maturing new technologies that will give you more capability without sacrificing affordability, we also work with key research and development partners and customers on next-generation space technologies. 
huge future space telescope
MOIRE DARPA artist's concept
Laser/LIDAR Instruments

Laser/LIDAR Instruments

3D real-time for tactical missions & enhanced features for science data

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Data Analytics/Exploitation

Data Analytics/Exploitation

Getting the most out of your data to protect and support warfighters

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